I’m a big movie fan, no secret there. I’m also kind of a recluse so I don’t do many public appearances. But last week I had a chance to do something I couldn’t pass up. I got to host a Question and Answer session with the star of a movie I really like.

Greg Sestero made a movie with his friend Tommy Wiseau called “The Room” in 2002…a movie so bad it’s been called “the Citizen Kane of Crap”. Needless to say, a movie this strange was bound to develop a cult following. Greg then went on to write a tell-all about making the film that became a New York Times bestseller. Then, a few years later, Seth Rogan and James Franco turned that book into a legit Hollywood movie called “The Disaster Artist”.

For better and worse, “The Room” holds a place in the lore and history of cinema. I would say that “The Room” is a movie they should do on Mystery Science Theatre 2000 but I don’t know how they could goof on a movie that’s already been picked apart so much. Aaaaand…they HAVE already done it:

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Here’s a few minutes of the Q&A with Greg at Alamo Drafthouse. We spent about 30 minutes taking questions from the audience. It’s funny; I always worry about being ill-prepared whenever I do make an appearance. About this one I was thinking, “what if no one asks any questions? How am I going to fill the time?” Well…as soon as I saw people coming into the theater dressed AS the characters in the movie and bringing DVDs and footballs to be signed, my concerns were assuaged.

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