I'm going to be completely honest with you right now. This was some of the most fun radio I've ever been a part of, and I've been a part of some really good moments. First, we have to explain that this is was all Buzz's idea. He bought these awhile ago and kept bringing them up in our meetings, asking what we should do with them. We kept landing on the idea about doing a trivia contest between Buzz and Nico. Apparently Nico likes to tell people that he's smarter than Buzz, and Buzz thinks he's smarter than Nico. Makes perfect sense.

So I came up with the questions and we were ready to roll. The rules were simple. You get a question. You answer that question wrong, you have to eat one of the nuts. Each incorrect answer leads to the next level of nut. I did have a backup as well. If, for some reason, the questions were super easy, and they were just blowing through them, we would more to the point of an opponents correct answer meant you needed to eat a nut. We would progressively move up until someone got to level 5. THE DEATH NUT. Here is the full length video of what happened on air. You'll notice there are spots in the video when it's just music playing and no microphones. That's when we're in commercial break and mics aren't on, and rather than rebroadcasting the commercials, I put in some music to watch Buzz dance to.


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