Tanya Ariel continues to crush it in the Maxim Cover Girl Contest. They are down to the final 10 and will be moving down to the final 5 on Thursday the 25th at 9pm Mountain. Go help her out and VOTE NOW! Just CLICK HERE!

Here's a message from Tanya:

I’ve always been self-conscious of myself and never felt good enough. It’s taken a very long time for me to even consider myself pretty. Modeling has really helped me gain confidence in myself and working with the many talented photographers in El Paso and Ragazza Bazaar Modeling Agency has helped tremendously. I decided to take a chance on this contest and signed up. I didn’t think I would receive the amount of support that I’ve received so far. It’s astonishing to me that this has even happened. I’m so grateful for making it to the top 10 and hopefully I can continue this momentum going into the next rounds.

And here is a quick bio on her in her own words:

I have been modeling for a year now and I became a model for Ragazza Bazaar Modeling Agency a few months ago. I work from home as a content writer for various businesses and I have a background in multimedia journalism, a side baking business called Off the Deck Goods with my fiancé and we have a two-year-old daughter. I have done background work with Rosario Dawson in Briarpatch and I have been published as a model, writer and photographer which has been an incredible and surreal experience. Most days, you can find me at home or walking with my daughter, painting like Bob Ross, running all over the city and working out while blasting bands like Tool, Chevelle, System of a Down and Slipknot.

Go vote and help her make it into the top 5 and on!

And be sure to check out the photographs that have taken these amazing photographs.

me_photoep aka Michiel & Elizabeth Photography 
kenhobbesphotography aka Ken Hobbes
armaninipanini aka Armani Gomez
tte.photography aka Vee Holguin
chubbyboypix aka Isaac Clark 
And some makeup by Claudia Castillo face_it_by_claudia

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