Finding love is a big thing for people on the internet. Maybe not love, more like a good time for a couple of night but it depends on which dating site you use. Tinder, Grinder and all those other weird sounding dating apps are usually just for hooking up, so if you want real love I think Burrit-Oh is the way to go.

Burrito lovers can now fall in love with more than just beans and tortillas by signing up for a dating profile on Burrit-Oh. The concept of the site is to ask users certain questions on how they would prepare of burrito. They give you the basic questions like name and age, then they get into the important ones like would you pay more for guac. If you have similar tastes in burrito choice, you will be matched up with your burrito soulmate.

If this sounds like a joke that's because it was. Zoosk create this app as a April Fools'joke but people happily took it seriously. So much so that it has been created into an actual dating app for those lonely burrito lovers. If you are looking for love and not afraid to share your secret burrito mixture, you're going to want to soon up as soon as you finish that burrito.

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