Ever see those late night commercials advertising some crazy gadget solely for bacon lovers? Find out how well they work and get ready for Sun City Bacon Fest!

I always enjoy checking out those late night infomercials and sometimes, giving in and ordering something that sounded good at the time. I'm talking to you, Bump It.

Since bacon has experienced a massive popularity in recent years, there has also been an increase in crazy gadgets for bacon lovers. I find myself looking at different items, wanting them but wondering if they really work the way they're advertised.

Lucky for me, and you, Youtube User Taras Kul also known as the CrazyRussianHacker, decided to try 5 different bacon gadgets to see if they worked as well as advertised.

Here are the 5 items tested and the results. Also if you want to try them out for yourself you can go to the link and buy them. Maybe you'll have better luck with the bacon bowl.

Bacon Wave Microwave Bacon Tray - Efficient for its job and catches all the grease at the bottom. Also allows you to make a good quantity of bacon at the same time in the shape you are used to making bacon.

The Original Makin' Bacon Microwave Cooker - Makes cleanup easy and also disassembling to clean in the dishwasher. Also makes a good quantity of bacon but bacon cooks into a weird U-shape instead of the usual flat shape.

Perfect Bacon Bowl - This gadget really broke my heart. I OVED the idea of having bacon bowls for eggs, mashed potatoes, chocolate (don't judge me) and more. But sadly, after 3 attempts it looks like the bacon bowls don't look like bowls. Just undercooked mush or crispy semi oval bacon pieces.

Original Piggy Wiggy Microwave Oven Bacon Cooker Splatter Tray Dish - efficient to make bacon and several pieces at once but doesn't do much more than what a regular plate and a paper towel could do for you.

Bacon Hot Chocolate- This shouldn't have been included because it isn't a gadget as much as a bacon treat. Still, seems like it must have tasted good.