When a song has a title like "Tight Pants," you hope the video lives up to your expectations. Thankfully, Buckcherry give us a booty-ful new video for the track, and Loudwire is teaming up with the band and the site BroBible for a premiere of the new clip (watch above).

Whether it's underwear, lingerie, thongs, bikini bottoms or tight dresses, the video celebrates the curves of the female figure. The band members do make cameos throughout the clip, but director Daniel Kaufman does a solid job of making sure the camera focuses in on the subject matter of the song.

As for the track, it's a rock 'n' roll banger complete with a horn section, which is something a bit new for the group. In our recent interview with singer Josh Todd, he told us, "That was actually Keith [Nelson]’s idea. He’s like, 'Hey man I got this idea for this horn section on ‘Tight Pants.’' And I’m like, 'Okay, let’s hear it, and if we don’t like it we can always take it out.' He put it in, and we would sit around and listen to the rough mixes of that for so long before he actually mixed the record, and we’re just like we can’t hear the song without it now."

As for his own personal inspiration on the track, Todd reveals he had been listening to a lot of James Brown. He adds, “I had been listening to a lot of old school funk and it really comes out on this track.”

"Tight Pants" is the latest track to come off the band's new album, Rock 'N' Roll. The disc just dropped and is currently available to purchase at AmazoniTunes and GooglePlay. It follows on the heels of "Bring It on Back" and "The Madness," which have already been released off the disc. And be sure to catch Buckcherry on the road. The band has dates lined up from late summer through the fall.

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