Buckcherry is returning to the Sun City yet again to perform a free show! Buckcherry will be returning again and will have special guests open up for them. The last time they were in El Paso was for the Gen-X Tour last year in April. Buckcherry will be performing another free show at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center. The concert will be a free show for anyone 18 and over next month. The band enjoys visiting El Paso since they visit quite often.

You can see Buckcherry next month on Wednesday, September 18. The show will kick off at 7 pm with BlackTop Mojo opening up for Buckcherry. If you can make it out to see Buckcherry's War Paint Tour 2019, doors will open up at 5 pm. If you missed out on their last concert at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center, you have another chance! My favorite songs I look forward to hearing from Buckcherry are "Sorry" and "Crazy B***h" next month.

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