Slurpee lovers mark your calendars. 7-11 is bringing back Bring Your Own Cup Day at the end of this month.

Pitchers, fish bowls, the container you use to carry out Menudo on Sundays -- as long as it meets a few requirements you can get your giant-sized brain freeze on in almost anything.

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Save the Date and Find a Container

Saturday, August 27, bring your own improvised Slurpee cup and fill it up with your favorite Slurpee flavor for $1.99 at any participating 7-Eleven or Speedway location. I wouldn't stand in a line just to save $1.99 ... said no one in El Paso ever!

"We want customers to build the Slurpee drink of their dreams while having fun with their vessel of choice,” said Dennis Phelps, corporate big shot Senior Product Director, via a company press release. “We can't wait to see some of the creative cups they come up with."

There are Some Rules to Follow

7 Eleven Facebook
7 Eleven Facebook

Now, don’t mistake his comments for permission to bring something outrageous like a trashcan, kiddy pool, or the kitchen sink. There are a few rules to BYOC Day to keep it from devolving into some kind of Slurpee anarchy.

According to the release, the cup needs to be clean, has to be watertight and leak-proof, and fit upright in the in-store’s 10-inch diameter hole. And you have to be a 7Rewards or Speedy Rewards loyalty member.

Wa wa wa waaa.

2 Truths and a Lie: The Slurpee Edition

1. 7 Eleven introduced the Slurpee in 1966
2. Slurpee is Yiddish for "cup of diabetes"
3. The company’s advertising director coined the word “Slurpee” to describe the sound the drink made traveling through the straw

Number two is the lie, of course. A Slurpee is not a cup of diabetes. A Slurpee, my friend, is a cup of brainfreeze inducing goodness. Also, they trademarked the word “brainfreeze.”

No lie. Google it, I’ll wait.

7 Eleven Facebook
7 Eleven Facebook

See, I told you.

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