Milo Yiannopoulos, the darling of the alt-right and's most high profile editor, has resigned after a video of him defending men having sex with underage boys surfaced.

I know that Milo is, mind-bendingly, the fair-haired boy of the extreme right in this country. What's even more jaw-droppingly stunning is the fact that his fans at Breitbart ... are DEFENDING HIM!

The current tally in the comments section over at Breitbart is as follows:

  • Commenters defending pedophilia: almost all
  • Commenters condemning pedophilia: almost none

As a conservative and a life-long republican, all I can tell you is that this isn't the real American right. This isn't representative of the millions of good people who are horrified by the very thought of a horrible crime against a child. I could say it with a straighter face if I'd never seen the comments section at Breitbart, though. Also, if my fellow "conservatives" hadn't just elected a semi-sentient, Tic-Tac popping, pile of melted circus peanuts ...

Here's a disgusting, but representative, sample of comments: