Monday we lost internet at KLAQ so I wrote a blog by hand and then transferred it to blog land from home. Same situation today so, here's more “netless” work.

I tell ‘ya, I had no idea how much the damn internet meant to me until I had to live without it for a minute. Seriously, take Facebook alone.  Today, I have no idea what everyone’s having for lunch, what the weathers like or whose birthday it is.

I can’t go online to see who’s got the best Tuesday night drink specials and/or band.  (That one REALLY hurts…) I’m pretty sure that it’s “National __something__ day” which I could be posting about too but, nope, can’t look it up.

No rock trivia stuff, no other way to brainstorm blog ideas and no porn either. I feel like the Castaway, writing notes to friends and family while stranded on a deserted island.  (I think that was the name of the movie…I can’t F’n look that up either.)

Emails gone too but, there’s an upside to that. Whatever the boss wanted me to do today, I am unaware of. So, just between us, I went home early to write this for you and have a few beers!

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