My daughter, Amanda, was the one who got me hooked on "Breaking Bad", so when we headed up to my hometown for a volleyball tournament, I promised her we'd do a "Breaking Bad" pilgrimage of sorts, capped off by a visit to Heisenberg's House.

Turns out, someone was home...

Didn't stop us from getting out to take pictures, though...Until someone looked outside.

Didn't stop us from taking pictures at some other famous locations in the series, either.

Neighbors gave plenty of looks -- we weren't the only people who drove by taking pictures that day, so it must happen ALL the time. They have to be used to this, and I imagine it was even worse before the series ended.

Next time: a visit to Los Pollos Hermanos. It's in the south valley and is actually a Twisters, a great area fast food chain that serves New Mexican-style goodies. That, and a visit to Blake's Lotaburger is like the Burque version of coming home to El Paso and going to Chico's Tacos.