The "Breaking Bad" complete series box set is coming out next week, and it has an EXCELLENT special feature on it, which was leaked online (so watch this while you can!). It's an alternate ending where Bryan Cranston wakes up as Hal from "Malcolm in the Middle" and tells Lois about his horrible dream!

Remember this Conspiracy Keanu meme?


This really makes me wonder if some of the talented people who wrote and performed saw that meme and got this brilliant idea for an additional feature.

Cranston wakes up as his "Malcolm" character Hal, and he's in bed with Lois, who was played on the series by Jane Kaczmarek. Hal tells Lois about his dream and she tells him he should never have eaten those deep-fried Twinkies.

Whether it was a meme that set this off or not, it's just one more reason to love the series many call one of, if not the, best drama of all time.

That, and the multiple references to Blake's Lotaburger.

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