The last time I saw Blue October perform was forever ago! I am extremely stoked those guys will be coming back to El Paso.

Blue October will be performing this Saturday at Beer Bites and Beats! This is the kind of block party you want to be a part of. The last time I saw Blue October my sister and I sang our hearts out to "Breakfast After 10." That song was the anthem for everyone who went through THAT kind of breakup. At the time I was going through a rough patch with someone and this song meant the world to me. This was the anthem that motivated you to ignore the person who was full of sh*t. This song was a big f**k you to the person that broke your heart. This band is the perfect entertainment to be sipping some craft beer and grubbing out. They're the band that you would hear and do cheers with random strangers. There will also be other bands performing along with them Saturday, September 15. Blue October has many hits you enjoy singing in the car and karaoke to at the bar. Be sure to get more information on the link above.

I am crossing my fingers these guys sing this song at Beer Bites and Beats!

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