Being in radio, I've seen my fair share of concerts and been able to do some pretty cool things, from hanging out backstage to introducing bands on stage. But nothing tops what happened back in 2007 for overall craziness.

Family Values Tour 2007 was quite the lineup. Headlined by Korn, along with Evanescence, Atreyu, HELLYEAH, Five Finger Death Punch, and more. I was super excited for this show. I had just worked 20-something days straight so my boss gave me the day off to go enjoy the show.

That morning was great. I was nice and relaxed without a care in the world. I end up getting the show after maybe a couple bands had played and was hanging out in the VIP area when all of a sudden it hits. Panic attack. My hands get tingly, my chest starts to hurt. I can hardly breathe. All of it. After trying to control it, unsuccessfully, I end up having a co-worker get the paramedics. At this point, I don't know what's happening, other than the fact I'm terrified. I'm almost positive I'm going to die.

Want to see what it looked like? Well, here you go.

So, you'd think that's where this story ends. Not really. In fact, this story continues to this day as I still deal with anxiety and all of that fun stuff. But the crazy does continue on that day.

As I'm being driven to the hospital, I end up joking around with the paramedics. I'm starting to feel better, but they want to monitor me so they take me to the ER. I end up in a room in the ER watching TV while the medication they gave me kicks in. After about an hour or so, the same paramedics come in with someone else on a stretcher. This dude is covered in mud and I have to do a double take because his leg is clearly broken. His foot is facing the wrong way.

The paramedics drop this guy off down the hallway and stop off to check in on me. They proceed to tell me that they were called back out to the amphitheater because this guy was passed out on the lawn in the mud. When they got there, no one in the area knew who he was so they wheeled him out. They had secured his foot because it was broken and intubated him since he was passed out.

After they leave, I go back to my television until I hear a ruckus. Nurses go running past my room. Apparently this guy has woken up and he isn't happy with what's going on. He ended up yanking the tube out of his throat, rather violently apparently. They have to pin him down to re-intubate him and strap his hands down to the stretcher.

And while I've done some really fun things at concerts, this is hands down the craziest concert memory of mine. Which is interesting because I was only at the show for maybe a half hour.

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