Prophets of Rage drummer Brad Wilk talked about officials' claims that the band were coming to the Norco Prison in California to start a racial riot, calling the claim "absurd."

Lisa Sanchez got to chat with Brad Wilk of Prophets of Rage about the band's new tour, more songs and also that canceled show at the Norco Prison. (You can hear the entire interview above.)

"Here's the backstory on it. We were actually on our way down to play inside the prison, and the heads of the state penitentiary up in Sacramento wound up shutting it down at the last minute because they caught wind that the Prophets of Rage were coming to the Norco prison to start a racial riot. That's absurd. If anyone knows what the band is, I mean, we're a freaking melting pot of race. So to think that we would go to Norco prison to do that is ridiculous. We just wanted to inspire these people. The inmates who are in prison that have no voice, certainly don't have a voice as far as voting goes or anything like that. And we wanted to be bale to inspire these people for a day. And if they're inspired musically, and they're inspired to pick up an instrument and play and learn a tool, to make them better off in the world. Whether they're in prison or get out, that was our goal. and it was shut down by the head penitentiary. They're all about inmates keeping their promises and this and that, and basically they didn't keep their promise to us and wound up shutting us down."

Even with that issue, the band was able to play three songs outside of the prison, in hopes that the inmates would still be able to hear the music. Wilk also had nothing but nice things to say about the prison warden, Cynthia Y. Tampkins:

"I must say though that the warden from Norco prison actually came out while we were setting up and she was practically in tears, just was apologizing so much about the fact that we got shut down. She really, really was looking forward to us playing for her inmates."

Brad Wilk also discusses the band's will to perform no matter what, what the disenfranchised voters should do and if there will be another Rage Against The Machine reunion with Zach de la Rocha.

Check out the entire interview above. And don't forget to check out the Prophets of Rage when they come to town on Tuesday, October 11th to the El Paso County Coliseum. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster.

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