A downtown restaurant is being called out even though it does not appear management or staff played a role in insulting police officers.

EPPD officers, according to a facebook post, went to Sparrow's and were seated but, after 15 minutes, their order had still not been taken. Then, "F*** The Police" by N. W. A. played on the restaurant's music system.

Sparrow's owner, Robert Sanchez, said that the restaurant's music system is a type where customers pick the music when he met with El Paso Municipal Police Officers Association Sgt. Ron Martin. According to KDBC, Martin said:

“The last thing our association wants to do and officers want to do is put a black mark on a business, saying 'oh, they're not police friendly,' or 'stay out of there,' and this is not the case here.” 

Even though it appears that Sparrows staff didn't play the song, Sanchez took the high road and apologized anyway. I hope everyone sees not only that but, also hears Sgt. Martin's msg and a boycott of this locally owned and operated restaurant does NOT happen.

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