What was seen first in Nogales, Arizona can now be seen at the El Paso Ports of Entry. Back in November, it was announced that razor wire would be installed along 25 miles of the U.S./ Mexico border, then earlier this month more razor wire was added. Certain cities, like Nogales, Arizona, are demanding that the government remove the razor wire, saying that the 6 rows of razor wire make cities look like a prison and not America. Now, it looks like the same razor wire is being added to Port of Entries right here in El Paso.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection have been installing razor wire along the U.S./ Mexico border at Port of Entries in El Paso, Texas. Officials with Customs and Border Patrol said that the razor wire was added after reports of an increase of immigrants arriving in neighboring Ciudad Juarez, according to KVIA. Some in the community have protested and voiced their disapproval of the new addition to our border saying it makes El Paso look like a militarized zone, while others are commending the government for this action. Check out KVIA's story on the border fence above.

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