Lead singer of Pennywise Jim Lindberg wrote a book called "Pun Rock Dad" all about being a dad and a rocker and how to balance the two. When most men are dying their hair dark so it's not grey, Lindberg dyes it green. From PTA meetings to punk rock shows, here’s why you should check out “Punk Rock Dad.”

Jim Linberg is the lead singer of the band Pennywise and wrote the book “Punk Rock Dad” to show a touching and funny insight into the punk rock music scene, how it’s growing up, and how the punk rock heavy hitters are growing up too. Pennywise has been one of my favorite bands since I grew up on the mean streets of Palm Springs, CA (insert sarcasm here). Any book written by the guy who sings “F Authority” and has a band mate like Fletcher Dragge who chased Dr. Drew Pinsky around trying to vomit on him is going to have stories that I want to hear.
The book is a laugh out loud look into Lindberg’s life from meeting fans at the grocery store while buying diapers, to the way he lovingly calls his daughters #1, #2, and #3. Not to mention the section on his daughter being sick and vomiting up hot dogs and cottage cheese.
This book is perfect for anyone who is a diehard music fan and is trying to grapple with the thought of growing old but still keeping the rocker alive. Not to mention it isn’t a long book in the first place; big font and only a little over 200 pages in it.
Now the book is hard to find so I would recommend people who want to read it to call the bookstore beforehand to see if they have it or even have them order it for you so you can get it ASAP.

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