We've all seen those videos of wild cats when they're babies, right? They're adorable! It makes you want to get them and love them and cuddle them. But you really shouldn't do that, because they're wild animals! Wild animals who, although may seem cute and cuddly, will still attack you and leave you with scratches and bites. That was the exact case in San Antonio over this past weekend.

Three good Samaritans, who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons, heard meowing in an alley, when they found what looked like a pair of Bengal kittens. They took them inside and tried to feed them milk with pet-feeder bottles but the kittens didn't want that. The cats bit and tore the bottles apart. That's when they realized these were no regular kittens. They called the San Antonio Animal Services who confirmed that they were not Bengal kittens they were Bobcat cubs! San Antonio Animal Services called their partners at Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation who took over. According to The Associated Press, workers intended to stay in the alley to try to find their mother in hopes of reuniting them.

In their defense, I'm sure in a dark alley I would have mistaken them for kittens also, but upon closer inspection, knowing as much as I do about cats, those are some big kittens! And maybe after bites and scratches, I would think those were not regular house cats! Yeah, take heed of the City of San Antonio's Animal Services, if you come across wildlife, don't try to take them in your home and feed them

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