If you’re a fan of Bob Marley then don’t miss the Bob Marley tribute band next month! One Drop Redemption will be returning to El Paso to jam out with you to some Bob Marley classics. One Drop Redemption will be praising the King of Reggae, Bob Marley at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center. The tribute will be Saturday, March 23 and is set to begin at 8 pm. This band has performed at sold-out shows in Las Vegas for quite some time now. They’re the closest you will get to feeling like you’re at an actual Bob Marley concert. You know this is the kind of show you will enjoy and sing along to every single song. Some songs I know you will sing out loud will be “Is This Love” maybe “No Woman No Cry” or possibly “Jamming” that night. If you have never been to a Reggae show make sure your first one is a Bob Marley tribute!

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