Black Sabbath rocked a monumental gig at London's Hyde Park last night (July 4) following reports that the concert could be the legendary metal act's last show ever. However, just a day before the gig, guitarist Tony Iommi vowed that Sabbath will tour again!

As for the show, Sabbath headlined a bill that also included Motorhead, Soundgarden, Faith No More and others. The band rocked a 13-song set that kicked off with 'War Pigs' and ended with 'Paranoid.'

At one point Ozzy Osbourne screamed out, "Do you know what day it is today? It's my f---ing wedding anniversary. Sharon! Get out here!" However, Sharon chose to stay offstage.

But in what is even bigger news, Tony Iommi, who has been battling lymphoma the past couple of years, posted a video message to his Facebook fans on July 3, thanking them for their support this year and ending with the awesome line, "We'll see you on the next tour," putting to rest that the notion that the band's Hyde Park gig would be their last show. Check out the metal godfather's video message below:



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