A New Mexico restaurant sparked an outrage after they put up a controversial sign making light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

An Albuquerque, New Mexico restaurant is under fire after for a play on words using the Black Lives Matter slogan. Paisano's Italian Restaurant put on their marquee- "Black Olives Matter - Try Our Tapenade"

Owner Rick Camuglia told KRQE in Albuquerque,

“We use our reader board to promote our specials,” Rick Camuglia said. “We thought it was a cute, play on words to promote our special Ahi tuna tonight.”

The owner then took a photo of the sign and posted the picture to the restaurant's Facebook page. It was then that internet users started commenting negatively about the sign. Some of the comments said that the sign was "in poor taste," "tacky," "hideous," "offensive," "insensitive," and simply asked "what the hell is wrong" with them.

Camuglia said he was shocked by the response and that the restaurant also received phone calls about the sign. Camuglia told KRQE,

"We didn’t think anybody would be offended by that, it was not our intent to offend anybody."

The owner took down the sign and replaced it with "Black Olives Pizza- Buy One Get One Free!"

After the story exploded, the owner of the restaurant said that they have been receiving phone calls and comments of support on their social media pages. He also said he has actually seen a sales increase since the marquee incident. Camuglia posted this message on the restaurant's Facebook page:

Thank you Albuquerque, New Mexico, and surrounding States!

Since Wednesday, July 13th, we have been inundated with positive, supportive phone calls from the community as well as overwhelmed with business, not only from our "regulars", but from so many new customers who came from Albuquerque, surrounding cities, and even neighboring States simply to support us.

A heartfelt "Thank You" to you from our Crew, some of whom were moved to tears because of your kind words and outpouring of support. 

Many nowadays would contend that society has changed for the worse, but our experience this week has proven the opposite. We have encountered so many quality people of character; salt of the earth and the bedrock of America. Awesome.

Many have shown a unique way to show solidarity. I can't count the number of customer's orders who've included adding Black Olives to every dish ordered. Pizzas, Sandwiches and pasta dishes with "double Black Olives Please!" all day long. So much that we almost ran out and ordered more.

We have served Albuquerque for over 40 years and look forward to the next 40.

Thank you!

Owner and Crew of Paisano's Italian Restaurant

I guess any publicity is good publicity in this case.

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