You know the madness that comes with Black Friday, and if you don't -- well, crawl out of the rock you have been hiding under. Unless, you are using that rock as a pillow while camping in the parking lot of some of the biggest retail stores that are having some major Black Friday deals.

Jarvis Johnson is the happiest Black Friday shopper I have ever seen. He probably has such a great attitude because he gets to have his own Cribs episode thanks to his courage of camping out since Monday for Black Friday deals. If you don't remember MTV Cribs, you might be surprised to find it's still on.

Anyway, Jarvis shows FOX10 how he camps out in style with his tent, filled with the luxuries of television and a comfortable friend. He even has a friend who is camping out with him so it's more like a slumber party than craziness. May the odds ever be in your favor, Jarvis.