We all know that a big crystal ball is usually dropped in Time Square since it is televised but did you know other towns have their own New Year's Eve celebrations involving weird items they drop at midnight?

Most people celebrating the coming of a new year usually counting down to midnight as a glowing crystal ball descends from the sky. This is pretty cool but wouldn't a 3 ft. pickle be better? The residents of Mt Olive, North Carolina actually gather around to party around the pickle until it is lowered down to finalize the arrival of the new year.

If you are not found of partying with pickles, how about a drag queen, meteorite, 10 ft. Gibson guitar, bologna or a glowing pine cone! Tons of towns have their own unique traditions of crazy items they watch descend to bring in the new year! Some towns switch it up and raise up items to celebrate like residents of Hershey, Pennsylvania, who raise up a huge Hershey's Kiss. That sounds delicious.

El Paso should get on this tradition and create a huge Chico's Taco to drop in the middle of downtown on New Year's Eve. If you could start an El Paso New Year's Eve tradition, what would you want to drop on midnight? Check out this video of weird things dropped around the world, I think my taco idea would fit in perfectly!

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