Like father, like daughter. Billy Ray Cyrus decided to challenge his daughter's craziness by coming up with his own twerking madness. If you hated 'Achy Breaky Heart' when it originally came out, you're going to want to cry in a corner after watching this.

Billy Ray teamed up with rapper, Buck 22 to remix his country hit, 'Achy Breaky Heart'. This idea already sounds bad and the final product is even worse. You've got Billy Ray jamming out in a alien spaceship, surrounded by twerking aliens and rap.

This would make Miley Cyrus very proud to see her daddy embracing twerking. Just when you think it was about to die out, another Cyrus has to bring it back around. I do agree that this video is just ridiculous but like everyone else, I was curious to watch.

Of course, I will hate myself for sharing this with you wonderful Q fans, but I am just trying to spread the love of gorgeous alien women! Ignore the music and Billy Ray's hair and just enjoy the jiggling aliens!

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