As a Millennial, Bill Nye the Science Guy holds a special place in my heart. Who didn't love Bill Nye with his bow tie, white lab coat and safety glasses? Growing up, he taught me about photosynthesis, magnetism and the Earth's crust. He did it in a fun and educational way that I was excited as an adult to hear that he was coming back with a Netflix show- I wasn't done learning! But, something has happened that has pissed off Bill Nye the Science Guy. Climate change, and the fact that no one is doing anything about it!

On Sunday's "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" while talking about climate change (and how very real it is) and on the Green New Deal and carbon pricing, John Oliver decided he needed a little help explaining the problem better. Enter, Bill Nye! It sounds great, right, like, BIll was always great with explaining things in a lighthearted demonstration. But, this serious problem is enough to anger even the mild-mannered scientist! Oh, and NSWF, so watch out.

This is the Bill Nye I love and live for! I don't know about you, but when Bill Nye tells me to do something about the Earth, I do it! Bill Nye means business and has become a trending topic on Twitter and Instagram. Also, I would totally watch a series called "Safety Glasses off, motherf***kers" with Bill Nye!

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