Another lunatic from Florida guys.

Talk about multitasking! A Florida biker decided to run from police and, if that wasn't crazy enough, texts while he's running. Getting into a high speed chase with the po-po isn't the smartest thing to do as it is but, texting while you do it is just insane.

Distracted driving is a big problem on the roads and talking/texting while you're driving is illegal in El Paso. It's dangerous in a car and on a bike, it's practically a suicide attempt. Granted, I have glanced at my phone while on my bike, I even answered it once. (Don't bother, the wind is way too much to carry on a conversation in.) This guy takes the cake though, completely letting go of the handlebars at one point to finish his message.

That must have been a hell of an important text. Probably to his lawyer!

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