It seems in recent years, we've all been experiencing an increase in scams; whether it's by phone, by email & mail being sent to your house. Recently a lot of home owners have complained about getting a piece of paper telling them to call a specific number for more information about their water.  People were complaining whether this notice from El Paso Water was real or not. Well the good news is... it's not real.


On today's Water Tip Wednesday with KTSM 9 News, a warning to customers about water notices left at your door. They are...

Posted by El Paso Water on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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In an interview with KTSM, Christina Montoya from El Paso Water says that the letter being sent out are NOT real. Any notice from El Paso Water will have their official logo, address & telephone numbers & all employees from El Paso Water will have their official uniform & an official employee badge.

The FAKE notice will include a FAKE phone number & usually contain phrases like "SORRY WE MISSED YOU", "Please call us ASAP", or "VERY IMPORTANT"; very similar words & phrasing you typically would see in a scam email or hear in a scam phone call.

Christina Montoya also goes on to state that if anyone has a question about the notice, the safest thing to do is call El Paso Water at 915-594-5733 to ask questions or visit

So the next time you see something that looks weird or fake, it probably is.

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