Word around the street is Beto O'Rourke paid the full amount he owed for his rally back in February. As for President Trump, well he hasn't even paid a cent yet. Trump still owes El Paso over $470,000 for his event. Now Beto's campaign wasn't as high as Trumps. Beto had a bill that was over $21,000 and finished paying his amount due by the deadline. Beto was charged for the police officers that were helping out at his march. Beto's deadline to pay his fee was on May 24 and no longer owes the city any money. The Police Department is still waiting for their share since they're still owed over $380,000. Just last month a letter was mailed to Trumps administration requesting the money that is owed must be paid. The campaign has 30 days to pay, and if they fail to pay their dues a collection fee will be added. After the collection fee will be added the bill then will now be over $500,000!