Earlier this month, we asked our Facebook fans where we could find the best tacos in all of El Paso. A few said Taco Bell, a few said "My mom's house", but almost all of the answers fell into one of five places. Below we give you... the top 5 best tacos in El Paso, as voted on by our fans.

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    Taco Cabana

    With 7 locations in El Paso and a smoking hot girl in the commercial, it's pretty obvious why Taco Cabana made the list. Standard taco, affordable price, and there's one on every corner. We like to think of it as a slightly more authentic Taco Bell.

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    L & J Cafe

    L & J Cafe has been bringing El Paso delicious tacos since 1927 and have been featured in magazines like Texas Monthly and Southern Living. So, with all those accolades, it's easy to see why they made the top 5. The meat tacos are delicious, but you've gotta try the guacamole and picadillo tacos. They have lunch specials everyday, which you can find on their Facebook page.

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    Adventure Zone

    If you haven't tried the tacos at Adventure Zone, you're missing out. They boast their "McCrory Tacos" as one of their best items and yes, they are delicious. You can buy them individually or buy the taco plate, but understand that it's impossible to eat just one. On Tuesdays, you can score 2 for 1 taco plates and on Thursdays, tacos are only $1. Occasionally, they'll announce specials on their Facebook page, so check that out.

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    Taco Tote

    Just barely beating Adventure Zone, El Taco Tote comes in at number 2. Also with seven locations in town, the best thing about Taco Tote is the salsa bar. It has pretty standard chain restaurant tacos, but since it's from the Borderland, the food is much more authentic than most. Visit their website for coupons and specials. The only thing better than a taco is a taco on sale.

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    Chico's Tacos

    Well, don't blame us, you picked the list! By an overwhelming number, the infamous Chico's tacos come in first. Although there was great debate on whether Chico's should be classified as a taco since many think it's a flauta, the bottom line is, you guys LOVE tacos in a soupy liquid. Nearly half the responses listed Chico's as their favorite tacos in El Paso. But, to be fair, we assume most of the people voting for Chico's at the time were intoxicated. Juuuuust kidding. Chico's isn't THAT bad. After all, it made it on the Food Network.