Lately, Texas has been under some heat due to the spikes Texas' Covid-19 cases, but this time around Texas is being recognized for something we didn't even see coming.

WalletHub performed a study that had some shocking results for Texans and possibly other states as well. There was a study done that focused on different categories, including driving.

There was a list of things that were carefully looked at to pick the best state to drive in. After overviewing all the categories and tallying up the points Texas is considered the best state for people to drive in.

When you think of the best state to drive in you have to keep some things in mind about what makes it the best. You have to look at all the things that would appraise what a good commute really is.

Some categories that helped place Texas in the number spot were things every driver has concerns about. Some of the categories that advanced Texas to the top were average gas prices, road quality, auto maintenance costs, and more.

Indiana took second place while North Carolina was placed in 3rd.

Luckily, El Paso's current commute status didn't affect Texas in a negative way for the best state to drive in. It seems like everywhere we look in El Paso some kind of road construction project is somewhere near.

I feel Texas has needed some positive recognition after everything Texas has been through lately. I was happy and pleased to hear Texas is the best state for people to drive in in 2021.

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