Bert Kreischer "The Machine" is heading to El Paso's Abraham Chavez Theater on Friday, December 10th. “The Machine” will be bringing his "The Berty Boy Relapse Tour" after spending much of 2021 in Siberia filming the adaptation of his life story that will most definitely include the story about how he became friends with the Russian mafia while studying abroad and how he became the inspiration for "Van Wilder".

Before The Machine heads to El Paso, he called into the MoSho and told us some of the craziest stories I don't think we'd ever heard. I have to admit that out of all the times we've interviewed Kreischer, this one was the funniest!

Some of the stories included how he ended up with a pound of mushrooms (the magic kind)- which leads us to believe that if we're ever invited to Bert's house, we'd get offered some 'shrooms.

Bert, who is known for taking his shirt off onstage, reveals the technique he follows to ensure that at each show, he takes his shirt off at exactly the right time! Check out the interview below, and listen out for the compliment Bert gives the BAMS crew!

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If you're a fan of his podcast with fellow comedian Tom Segura, Two Bears One Cave, and were wondering if Kreischer was already drinking Kool-Aid, I'm sorry to tell you that I didn't get to ask him! I had sent the question to Buzz but he never saw it; and if you're wondering why I didn't ask myself, well, I didn't want to ruin the flow of the interview- it was going so well!

By the way, if you're wondering why he's called "The Machine" check out this video of his standup, where he's shirtless of course, and explains how he became known as The Machine! Also, this is NSFW so, watch out!

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