Street racing is a passion for some people that love to feel the rush and take the risk! Remember when Big Chief had the worst accident in Street Outlaws that left everyone worried?

A year ago, Discovery gave you more insight when Big Chief was hit by his opponent Brian "Chucky" that night of the race. The OKC crew gives their two cents about that crash between the two racers. Big Chief made a statement that is beyond truthful and felt from those who share that same drive. Thankfully the races that have taken place at the El Paso Motorplex or Speedway Park. A friend of mine who races has said he knows what he's getting himself into but takes a lot of precaution when he does race. This kind of sport requires so much discipline and practice so accidents like this don't happen.

Thankfully Big Chief survived that disastrous crash and made it out alive to tell his story!

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