Over 25 years ago KDBC would sometimes do a natural sound piece called Viewfinder. Not only can you give it a listen but can also see how so much has changed since then!

Gabe Rivera published this video in 2012 but was aired in 1992. This behind the scenes goes so far back you will see Estela Casas, old school equipment, AND a mullet! If you remember Estela Casas working for KDBC channel 4 news then props to your age and memory. She now works at KVIA channel 7 news AND STILL looks good for her age. This old-school footage shows you what goes on when the live broadcast stops. Not only do you see the anchors job, but all the other part of the crew that it takes to get the job done.

This is a cool video to check out and would be awesome if they did another with the technology we have now.


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