When is a win not a win? The Beastie Boys lawsuit with Monster Energy Drink over the usage of their music in a promotional video certainly qualifies. Monster did admit to wrongful use in their ads and Beastie Boys were granted a $1.7 million jury award, but the group claims that their legal expenses for the case actually eclipsed what they were rewarded.

According to the Associated Press, the group is seeking to have Monster Energy pay the nearly $2.4 million they spent in legal fees on the case. The band state in their request that the two years of litigation were punctuated by Monster's failure to engage in good faith negotiations so that any success at trial "would become a Pyrrhic victory."

Monster Energy had admitted to wrong doing, but felt that they should owe no more than $125,000. Meanwhile the band was suing for $2 million, so the case went to trial. Monster Energy's legal team reportedly did not respond to messages seeking comment on the Beasties latest request. Just last month, a federal judge in New York squashed Monster's attempt at voiding the decision.

Beastie Boys members Ad Rock and Mike D. have stayed true to late member Adam "MCA" Yauch's wish that the band not license their music to endorse commercial products. Last year, the band won legal battles with GoldieBlox and Tuf America over similar usage issues.

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