The month of October isn't all about spooks and thrills in El Paso. It is also a time some enjoy celebrating Oktober Fest. This October some El Paso men with good beards and dudes with awesome mullet hairstyles can participate in a contest at Beanerschnitzel.

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Now Beanerschnitzel will be held on Sunday, October 24 at 915 Vibes. The time frame for this family-friendly event will be from 12 pm to 8 pm. Besides the beard and mullet competition, another involving food will go down. Almost every Hispanic loves to include beans as a side with their meals.

But there are different ways to enjoy those beans we have as a side. The different types are refried beans, frijoles de la olla, and charro beans. Charro beans are my absolute favorite type of beans I won't leave a single bite left.

Well, there a charro bean cook-off will also be going on at Beanerschnitzel, hence the name that says it all. Restaurant chains and competitors outside the restaurant business can participate. But the best part about this is a portion of their proceeds will help the non-profit organization Reach for a Star El Paso.

There will NOT be a door fee but they are asking for candy bag donations but it isn't mandatory. The purpose behind the candy bag donations is Reach for a Star El Paso wants to do something special for the kids on Halloween. There will be plenty to do as there will be vendors and live entertainment. Valerie Salcido and David Vargas wanted to do some good for the El Paso community with this upcoming event.

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