Politics are usually filled with boring debates and promises that are never met. The most entertainment I got out of this year's elections were the hilarious remarks made by some republican men about women's reproductive rights. Just when you think all this political nonsense is over, we could possible see a candidate win by a coin toss or a game of cards.

Dona Ana Country is awaiting a recount on December 3rd, for the race between Republican Terry McMillian and Democrat Joanne Ferrary that will determine who wins the House of Representative 37 seat. If the votes are tied once again, the final decision could come down to a game of chance or skill.

This is seriously in the law! If the race remains at a tie, the winner will by decided by chance. If this comes down to a game of chance or skill, I don't want to see anyone win by a simple game of golf, basketball or cards. I want them to earn their seat.

I have a few ideas on what these candidates could do to finally determine a winner.

1. Sit through the entire Honey Boo Boo Season.

NO bathroom breaks, NO commercials. they must suffer through the redneck antics of Honey Boo Boo and the gang. They should take notes on what they should want to change in society.


2. The Cinnamon Challenge

The candidates need to be tough when making decisions and nothing is tougher than the cinnamon challenge. Some of you may have tried this already but if you haven't, I encourage you not to. Here's the rules, you get a tablespoon of cinnamon and try to swallow the whole thing. Sounds pretty simple but almost impossible when you can not drink any water. Yes it is a little dangerous but isn't politics?


3. 2 Bananas and 1 Liter of Sprite Challenge

Okay so maybe we need something less of a choking hazard. Bring out the bananas and sprite. The rules again are very simple, eat 2 bananas and drink a liter of sprite. If you can hold it down the nauseating combination, YOU WIN!




4. Jenga

Let's try something family friendly but also very annoying. The game of Jenga was used in my high school by our political science teacher to give us something to do when she was annoyed with us. I guess it's some ancient political method or something she learned in college. Give it a try!





5. Kickboxer Style!

Let's just go crazy and put these two candidates in a fight to the death. Let them fight the "ancient way" as they do in Kickboxer! Wrap their hands in bandages, dip them in sticky stuff and roll them in glass. Van Damme approved!


I know these ideas are ridiculous but so is a law leaving tied political races to chance. I don't encourage anyone to try these ideas but if you do send me the attempts! If you also think of an idea leave a comment!






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