Before you squish that cockroach, tell him he looks nice or compliment his antennae.  He could be one of the sensitive ones.

A bunch of scientists with way too much time on their hands, from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, decided to study American cockroaches.  They wired up about 300 of them with teeny little microchips and then hit the lights.  The results?

Some ran, some took their time and, eventually, they all left.  Researchers say this shows they each have their own, creepy, little personalities.  Those that hauled ass when the lights came on were considered cautious and those that hung out were considered more brazen.  Eventually they all wound up together in the same place so, what have we learned?

Running means you're a scaredy cat roach, staying means you're a brave roach and ultimately going the same way as all the others means, roaches are sheep.

I wonder how much all this cost.

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