Serving up chips and salsa is a must at truly delicious Mexican restaurants. Out of the Mexican restaurants I have dined in, I love the ones with a good salsa bar.

The top three restaurants I have selected for some of my favorite taco joints with the best salsa bar in town are Taco Tote, El Cometa, and Taco Cabana.

Once you find a seat in at one of these restaurants, you best believe your next go-to is the salsa bar.

All three of these Mexican food joints offer a variety of add-ons to pile on your plate. When my family and I would dine in at one of those restaurants we enjoyed using all sorts of salsas. Also, two of the three restaurants even step it up with unlimited tostadas.

I am curious about which out of the three Mexican restaurants has your ideal salsa bar.

For me, it was easy to narrow it down to two places between Taco Tote and El Cometa. I guess the free tostadas gave those two places that extra brownie point on my tally. To narrow it down to just one is hard but if I had to it would be Taco Tote. I normally grab a side of cilantro, pico de gallo, avocado green salsa, pink vinegar onions, and cucumbers.

Place your vote on who you believe has the best salsa bar in town in the poll below.

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