Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about who is the best sports bar restaurant in town. Some believe one place has better food than the other. Let's be honest, we have known that Hooters is known for serving the best wings! Then there are others who dig the server outfits more elsewhere. Because of course on Fridays the ladies wear lingerie at Twin Peaks. I have not been to Twin Peaks since they opened but have been to Hooters. I am a fan of the wings, fried pickles, and curly fries that they make at Hooters. Twin Peaks came around after 2013, unlike the seniority ruling that Hooters has. I remember the days of going to Hooters with my dad and his friends every Friday night. If you had to pick your favorite sports bar and restaurant between Hooters and Twin Peaks, who would you pick? All the ladies are beautiful but only one place can win!

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