A New Year means new concerts and other entertainment experiences.  Here are a few acts out on the road that I hope find their way to El Chuco.

We've already got some pretty kick-ass shows to look forward at all levels from cool local shows like the Tool tribute Saturday all the way up to the mega bands like Slayer and Metallica.  (Slayer visit us in May by the way and Metallica are here February 28th.)

Other bands with 2019 tour plans that do NOT include us are Shinedown along with Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria. Disturbed is out and are at least coming close, playing Albuquerque January 17th. The Kiss farewell tour makes it way to Albuquerque also.  The Vans Warped tour "farewell" shows have been scheduled.  Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters and loads more ... way too many to fit in here ... will all be out this year.

That's just the tip of the iceberg as far as who isn't coming to the Borderland.  As for details on who is coming here, and for chances at free tickets to see them, keep listening to KLAQ!!