Nothing goes better with hot air balloons, water rides, barbeque and live music than snakes, tarantulas and donkey rides. It may seem like an odd combination, but Noah's Ark Exotic Pets brought the critters to Wet-N-Wild Waterworld this past weekend for Balloonfest 2012 and we couldn't have had more fun with them.

Noah's Ark set up a tent at the waterpark, complete with a petting zoo featuring pigs, geese, ducks, turkeys, scorpions, snakes, lizards and a tarantulas. They also offered pony rides -- which was a big hit with the kids and, uhhh, Fernie of the KLAQ  Morning Show.

After surviving my ride in a hot air balloon (pics and video HERE!), I was feeling brave and even cuddled up with some of the animals, and I still have the prairie dog scratches to prove it! Check out some of the pics below:

Best. Photobomb. Ever.

Stephanie the Corporate Computer Babe Snake

So I held a giant boa at Balloonfest. While wearing a bikini. Girls and snakes are hot, right? The best part about the resulting pic isn't a girl in a bikini holding a snake, however, it's the little priceless face on the terrified boy in the background. Yay for photobombs!

Fernie's Donkey Show

Fernie's Donkey Show

Fernie put on a donkey show at Balloonfest! Well, okay, he rode a donkey, but the picture is still hilariously entertaining. Poor donkey.

Lisa Makes Out With a Snake

Lisa Snake

Lisa Sanchez got intimate with the snake I held and all I can say is that is one lucky snake!

Tarantulas Are Terrifying!

Stephanie Spider

So, being a girl, spiders aren't my thing. However, the Internet is. I braved holding this ever-so-scary tarantula for you guys, because what's better than a chick in a bikini being completely scared by a big hairy spider?

Prairie Dogs Mean Business, Y'all!

Stephanie's Prairie Dog Attack

So I wasn't exactly attacked by a prairie dog, but I have the scratches to prove that I came in contact with him. The prairie dog was completely adorable, and I, of course, wanted to snuggle him. Not long after taking him into my arms, he crawled up onto my shoulder and over onto my back. He then tried to untie my bikini -- talk about a prairie DOG! His tiny little nails left scratches all over my back. Try telling inquiring people that the scratches on your back are from a prairie dog and while looking sane. It's not possible. But at least I have a souvenir from El Paso!

This Guy

Donkey Ride Guy

I missed this guy's name, so feel free to leave his name in the comments section below if you know it, but he was in charge of the donkey rides and is one of the most amazing characters I've ever seen!


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