You HAD to know they would come up with some ...

Thousands of students throughout the Borderland are getting (or have just gotten) back to business and a bunch of apps are out there to help ease the pain!

Since most of the schools in the El Paso area take a dim view of students using their phones in class, (UTEP and El Paso Community College seem fairly cool about it), you gotta be kind of slick about using these ok?

Need a family organizer to keep track of who needs to be where and when? Click the appropriate link! I-phone. Ipad.

Books can get EXPENSIVE!  Try downloading them instead! I-phone. Ipad.

Don't get blindsided by juniors D-minus ... track your kids progress with this app. (Teachers can also synch up with this one!) I-phone. Ipad.

Have you priced globes lately?  The really cool, fancy ones are pricey as hell!  Gas is expensive as well so, instead of driving to the dollar store for one of those little plastic ones, try this app! I-phone. Ipad.

Want to dress up like a sexy school girl?  Sorry, no app for that.  I did find this place though;

Click this link to read about other back to school apps!

Now, if they'll just come up with an app that will get the class hottie to go out with you .......