El Paso is lucky to have the beautiful Franklin Mountains smack dab in the middle of our city.

We're especially lucky that we live in a city we can hike those beautiful humps and lumps.

Lately, it seems like we haven't been able to escape what is going on in the world today. There are all sorts of escapes that some of us go to take a break from everything. The escapes range from taking a really long nap, renting a hotel room for a night, using legal/illegal substances, and hiking.

Hiking is a great outlet that helps you get away from anything disturbing your peace and is rewarding. Just like in real life working really hard for something has its advantages. For example, hiking up to the moderate rated Aztec Cave is literally breathtaking. A family of 3, Michael, Cynde, and their son shared some of their hike experience on their way to the Aztec Cave.

I tripped out when I noticed their son managed to hike up the moderate rated spot in flip flops. Their kid was in good spirits and not complaining about that hike as you will notice in the video above.

Towards the end of their family hiking video is where you will see the reward for the hard work they did to get there. There are some caves in El Paso that aren't as widely spaced out as the video shows for the Aztec cave. Some caves have tighter spaces that require you to wiggle your way in and out of them.

If you ever need to escape on a tight budget then the Aztec Cave is your place to do so. Lately, exercising has been our greatest escape and hiking is a great way to get some cardio in especially with a view.

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