An Arizona high school was celebrating Homecoming and their school's dance team went above and beyond with their impressive Marvel Avengers-inspired routine. Marvel's Avengers movies were arguably the biggest movies of 2018 and 2019, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of Avengers costumes this Halloween. One Arizona High School got a jump on getting their Halloween costumes and used for them for another reason. The PAC dance team from Waldon Grove High School decided to use their Homecoming pep rally performance to tell the "Infinity War" and "End Game" stories.

The PAC dance team is not a small team, and all the dancers are used well in the routine. The routine, like the movies they're based on, isn't short clocking in at about 7 minutes long. At the end you can see their classmates giving the dancers a standing ovation for their performance, and they aren't the only ones who loved the dance. Some of the Avengers themselves loved the routine. Captain Marvel herself Brei Larson tweeted out the video, as well as Mark Ruffalo the Hulk and Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch. The video was posted on Youtube and has almost 3.5 million views. Find out more about the dance team at Good Morning America.

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