Ou here in El Paso, we're all very proud of the cuisine we have to offer. Shows like "Taste the Nation" and "Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives" have done a great job at highlighting some great El Paso favorites. However, in the world of foodies in El Paso, more restaurants deserve recognition.

When it comes to traveling, when some out of towner asks where they should eat, I'm sure we've all got a list of places we would recommend. Online forums like Yelp and the occasional food group on Facebook could also help. Now, Trip Savvy is making their own recommendation on where you should eat when traveling through El Paso.

The article, "The 10 Best Restaurants in El Paso", gives out of towners an idea of where to eat when they come to the Sun City. The article is written by Trip Savvy contributor Justine Harris, who is an Austin based writer (according to Trip Savvy). I don't know how I feel about an Austinite writing about El Paso food- but her list is not half bad. Here's what she recommends.

Bowie Bakery:

Cafe Central:

H&H Carwash:

Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey's:



The Queen's Table Vegan Cuisine:

L&J Cafe:

L&J Cafe via Facebook

Cafe Mayapan:

And of coure, Chico's Tacos!


So, how do you think she did? She made some great choices, I'll admit- but I can't help and feel that some other great El Paso institutions have been left out. What restaurant would you have wished to see on this list? What restaurant do you highly recommend when someone asks you where to eat in El Paso? I'll go first- The Clock! I cannot recommend that place enough! What say you, foodies of El Paso?


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