Veterans in Australia are saying no thank you to what they call "too American-style" benefits from Virgin Airlines. We just celebrated Veteran's Day in the United States, where many restaurants and business thank our active military and veterans for their service with freebies, discounts and more. Many in the military are appreciative of these specials for them and others that are given as a thank you for their sacrifice and service, but the feelings aren't the same for Australian vets. The Australian government recently announced there would be special privileges for Australian veterans. Virgin Australia airlines are now offering the nation's veterans priority boarding as well as in-flight acknowledgments in an effort to recognize those who served.

Someone should have run this idea by Australian veterans though, who have collectively given a big no thank you to the airline's plan. Mike Carlton is an author and Australian military historian who says those benefits are more of an "American" thing to do,

“It’s a very American thing to do. We’re not quite as loud or noisy as that. Australians are a little more subtle. It’s just not in our nature to do stuff like that. Almost any veteran I can think of would be hideously embarrassed by being singled out like that. I’ve interviewed a lot of them for my books. ... They would hate the notoriety of being singled out.”

Many online voiced their agreement with Carlton by saying this benefit isn't something they want. Instead, they say that money could be donated to veterans' charities instead. Other experts say some suffering from PTSD or other issues may not want the extra attention being put on them. Is this something military members enjoy or abhor getting at the airport? Do you use these extra perks when you're flying? Or do you use any of the extra perks given to you daily or on Veterans Day?

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