When it comes to "Derby Day", apparently, only three things matter. The race, hats, and mint juleps.  I had a julep once and it was pretty good but, not worth a freakin' grand.

Most folks at the Kentucky Derby this year will probably opt for the $11 mint julep but there will be a couple of pricier versions available made from Woodford Reserve Bourbon. The one in the metal cup is $1,000. The pewter cup will cost you an extra $1,000 and the silver and gold cup, $2,500.

Meanwhile, 30 packs of beer are averaging around $25 here in El Paso so, guess what I'm having.

If you want to go the julep route, here are a few (cheaper) recipes. Remember to use a straw though 'cuz they help mix the sugar and mint and, just so you know, you should get at least 22 sips before you're empty. Ideally, at that rate, your drink should last you about an hour which is how long it takes between races.

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