As Texas continues to reopen, schools are trying to get back to normal also and some are starting in June with the dreaded summer school sessions.

According to the El Paso Herald Post:

The state is encouraging school districts to prioritize making on-campus summer school available for their most vulnerable students, including students with disabilities who cannot learn virtually, homeless students and students with significant academic gaps. Many of those students were left behind during the academic year as school districts struggled to ramp up online instruction quickly once the pandemic hit. -

This year though, thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic, there is one huge difference for 2020 summer school sessions ... this time, Texas students can NOT be required to attend in person. That's not all as, with most businesses and institutions that are now able to reopen, there will be many new rules and policies in place.

In the case of summer school, these will include teachers taking students' temperatures daily, supervising them as they wash their hands twice a day, and having dividers between desks. In addition to that, a 6 foot "social distance" policy will be enforced, groups of more than 11 people are not allowed and assemblies and field trips are banned. In the event someone tests positive for the virus, all classes that were affected will be halted for two weeks. Gyms, weight rooms, and indoor workout areas will also remain closed. (EPHP)

These are state mandates but, the El Paso Independent School District will decide how they want to handle summer sessions. To monitor their plans, follow them on Facebook or visit their website. You can also call (915) 230-2000 for more information.


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