Summer is (un)officially here and many states are in the process of reopening. Here in Texas, Governor Abbott has already announced phase three of reopening's which includes amusement parks and sports stadiums opening at 50% capacity. With restrictions easing across the nation, many American's are itching to get out. We spent, for the most part, almost two months in our own house and many need a change of scenery, and with temperatures heating up, vacation season is upon us. But in this time of the pandemic, where could one actually travel to?

According to ValuePenguin by LendingTree, 41% of American's say their first trip will be to visit family, and another 14% say their trip will be to visit friends. Whether by plane or car, American's are planning on spending $737 on their trip and parents of children under 18 plan on spending $1,000. One in five of those American's say that their stimulus check will help fund their trip.

As to where they're going, 13% of American's say they're heading to the Sunshine State (mainly because Florida has eased their stay at home restrictions and has the most places open). California follows with 12%, New York with 8%, Texas with 5% and 4% heading to the Jersey Shore.

My vacation time is coming up but, unfortunately, Disneyland hasn't even remotely revealed an opening date, or even plans estimating an opening date. Also, I don't know how comfortable I'd be wearing a mask the entire time, I nearly die on my trips to the grocery store. Most of my family is here in El Paso and the rest of my family lives in Mexico, but they don't look like they're taking this seriously over there, so I guess my vacation will have to be a "staycation." Are you planning a trip? Let us know where!

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